Striving to improve upon an already wonderful breed.

Hello to everyone, and welcome to Bravakker! We hope this website will be helpful and useful to you as you browse into the Boerboel world.  This is the most wonderful breed of dog we have ever had the immense pleasure of owning.  Boerboels were bred by immigrating families for protection in the wilds of South Africa.  There they had to protect the domestic farm animals from big threatening predators, and protect it's family from uninvited persons who were up to no good on their property.  The Boerboel to this day are still a working dog.  They have the drive and instinct to protect their precious families, but are not an aggressive mean dog.  These are highly intelligent dogs that, I swear, can read your mind and body language and will act or react accordingly.  Boerboels have this powerful look of "I could kill you if I wanted", but the temperament of a teddy bear.  A well bred Boerboel should have an impeccable temperament.  These dogs are so athletic, powerful, and smart, that there can be no "grey" areas in their temperament. Here at Bravakker we have an extreme high standard of breeding ethics.  Only a beautifully tempered, sound mind and body Boerboel, will ever be used in our breeding program.  We are a tiny kennel and plan on always to remain as such so that we can give each dog plenty of one on one attention and training. (our dogs are not "kennel" dogs whatsoever) We also enjoy competing with our dogs at the shows and rubbing elbows with many diverse people and their lovely dogs. This is a fabulous breed to own, but  just like every breed going they need to be trained and taken  out and socialized at a young age consistently.   Boerboels are incredibly easy to train and desire to please their master   In our most personal opinion there isn't a better breed out their then the magnificent Boerboel.

We live in the beautiful picturesque rural town of Beavercreek, Oregon.  Yes, it rains way too much!!! But it is stunning here and there is never a water shortage:) We live on five acres in the trees.  We have coyotes, cougars, and even bear.  Our children love to run all over in our wooded acreage and it always has made me so nervous.  But then we got "Joey", our first beautiful Boerboel and she stays right with my kids every step, and I love her for it.